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Ex-premier contests Bangladesh poll

Financial Times, November 6th 2008

India's reputation wounded by religious killings

Financial Times, October 2nd 2008

Bangladesh releases former leader's son

Financial Times, September 4th 2008

Local elections clear way for Bangladesh poll

Financial Times, August 6th 2008

Hasina’s party wins in Bangladesh poll

Financial Times, August 5th 2008

Bangladeshi poll seen as litmus for elections

Financial Times, August 4th 2008

Bangladesh to receive U$1.3bn food aid

Financial Times, July 22nd 2008

Boycott threatens Dhaka election talks

Financial Times, May 28th 2008

Bangladesh parties adrift after arrest

Financial Times, May 19th 2008

Dhaka arrest of third party leader

Financial Times, May 19th 2008

Nobel prize winner to fight all seats in Bangladesh poll

Financial Times, February 19th 2007

Bangladesh to bar convicts from office

Financial Times, February 16th 2007

Yunus considers new Bangladesh party

Financial Times, February 12th 2007

Bangladesh generals plan anti-corruption drive

Financial Times, January 17th 2007

Bangladesh alliance decides to fight elections

Financial Times, January 14th 2007

Ex-bank chief heads Bangladesh government

Financial Times, January 13th 2007

Bangladesh postpones elections

Financial Times, January 12th 2007

Bangladesh faces pressure to delay election

Financial Times, January 9th 2007

Tight security for Bangladesh voting

Financial Times, December 11th 2006

Bangladesh stand-off defused as election commissioner steps aside

Financial Times, November 23rd 2006

Bangladesh opposition parties suspend strike

Financial Times, November 17th 2006

Der Attentäter schlaeft vor Gericht


NZZ am Sonntag, November 22nd, 2009

Nervosität in Dhaka


NZZ am Sonntag, November 1st, 2009

Späte Gerechtigkeit

Der Spiegel, September 2009

Späte Gerechtigkeit für Bangladesch

Deutsche Welle, August 31st 2009

Schillernde Farben der Vergiftung

Deutsche Welle, August 25th 2009 

Im Fluss versunken

Deutsche Welle, 8th June 2009

Ein Schiff wird kommen

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, September 15th 2008

Slowing down

India's latest headline GDP numbers are still strong, but do they tell the whole story?

Business India Intelligence, September 3rd 2008

Im Land der Frauen und des Militärs

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 8 Dezember 2007

The great divide

Foreign investment flows in India

Business India Intelligence, May 30th 2007

The long and short of it

India's 2007/08 budget.

Business India Intelligence, March 7th 2007

HIV/AIDS in India--the economic dangers

EIU Regional Overview, April 2005

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